Dear investors,

as we only received 73,000,000 token in the last days. Many investors don’t want to send their token and many moved on. As this amount is by far not enough to remove liquidity and do a relaunch we will take the following steps:

1) By tomorrow 25th of November 2021 at 12pm UTC we will add 14,000,000 token from the monthly jackpot to the sum and SELL all at once. We will split the earned amount proportionally between the holders who sent their token to the wallet. The 14m token will be added to the monthly jackpot wallet as they occur from this for the buyback (around 4,000 $ rn)

2) There are still 31BNB left in the monthly jackpot plus the previously mentioned buyback amount. We will then combine the weekly & monthly jackpot wallets.

3) Those combined BNB- will be send to top 500 holders (right now, wallet number 500 has about 10$ worth) and send them BNB proportionally to their token holdings. We took a snapshot of current holders and amounts! Even if you buy more now, THESE WON’T BE MENTIONED IN THE BNB REFUND!!!!!!

4) After we took those steps we will close the project. Please sell all your token after the token have been sold.

We did our best to make this project successful, but unfortunately, we failed. Please understand we are making this move to pay back the community as much as possible.

Thanks for your understanding,
The Jackpot Token team.

The infinite green loop

What we can assure you of is the fact that we’re absolutely sure that we created an unique and sensational mechanism to secure rising hype and fomo!

12% Tax

Tax is applied on each buy & sell transaction and shared like following

Marketing & Development


We will use the fee for generating a massive & continues hype to create organic growth and reaching our aim … a multi-billion marketcap. All future development is covered by this.



The liquidity fee sustains a healthy and less volatile chart



Jackpot fee. Raffle is held live on Youtube




daily jackpot


weekly jackpot


Monthly jackpot

TOTALLY SUPPLY 777,777,777

PRESALE 388,889,277


MARKETING 6,945,132

LIQUDITY 299,444,145



Phase 1

  • Concept initialized
  • Website and social media launched
  • Contract deployment
  • Private presale
  • Public presale whitelist competition
  • Public presale
  • Whitepaper release
  • Early marketing

Phase 2

  • Presales filled and concluded
  • CertiK & Techrate audit completed
  • Secrect mechanism revealed
  • Pancakeswap public launch
  • CoinMarketCap listing
  • Coingecko listing
  • Collab with influencers and promotors

Phase 3

  • Huge marketing push
  • Jackpot Token Merchandise

Phase 4

  • Centralized exchanges listings
  • Jackpot wallet development
  • Reach 1B marketcap

Phase 5

  • TBA